Form is emptiness; emptiness is form.
— The Heart Sutra

There are so many misconceptions about astrology. Many of my clients come to me with a variety of ideas about it that not only are untrue, but are actually getting in the way of their ability to use it to their own advantage. Astrology has gotten a bad rap, and for good reason - over time it has been commercialized, watered down and largely reduced to some kind of cheap folklore that panders to our fears. This is unfortunate, as it is an ancient science and art that is one of the most potent paths to self-knowledge out there. 

So let's be clear: Astrology is not reductionistic. It is not fatalistic. It is not fortune-telling. And while astrology can be used in predictive ways, there is no such thing as external control. Astrology has been used by many over the centuries to further this illusion and stroke the ego, but the reality is that the complexity of this world and the truth of our lives cannot ever be reduced to any one science, belief structure, or modality. The fundamental law of the universe is change, and as we all know, fighting the natural rule of law only causes us suffering.

So what's the real function of astrology? Simply put, it is one of pulling back our scope and seeing the terrain of our psyche for what it is. From this vantage point, we can see the weather patterns moving across the landscape for what they are. We see that life is not happening TO us and that we are not victims of ourselves, others or our circumstances, but rather that we are active co-creators in our existence. What we choose to do with this knowledge is up to us, but we are empowered by having it. So by getting to know our personal natal charts, we get to know ourselves more profoundly. Acting as a mirror for the internal/external, this process validates our own life experiences and our own personal truths. It illuminates our complexity. It provides powerful insight into why we get stuck in the patterns we do and how to get out of them. Above all, it gives us a clear picture of just how vast our own unique potential is. It is the personal blueprint we came into this world with. Ultimately, we are able to see and understand that we are not lacking - that we inherently have all the tools we need to actualize our life's highest purpose.

Let us strive to actualize through form, while ultimately identifying with emptiness.


Anna Christina Kennedy