Anna Christina is magical and illuminating. I believe in the power of the cosmological & astrological world(s) and the archetypes we keep.  Anna brings this world to me in a decisive way. If you’re looking for clarity and vision around you and the universe that will inform and engage you in this time of chaos, spend just an hour with her that will make all the difference.
— Deanna Brown
Thank you so much Anna, was so good to work with you, and very surprising in that there were things you could see that I didn’t think anyone anywhere would ever, ever be able to see!  The reading you did really is a blueprint of me (very appropriate name)! It unearthed things about myself that I longed to change or cover up, stuff long hidden that I thought no one other than me could ever know. And showed me that all of it, strengths and weaknesses, is wonderful because it makes me who I am.
— Jamie Askew
Your reading was an incredible experience and has given me such peace and validation, strength in my purpose.. I’ve already started to make some changes to be more true, aligned.. Shaving down the BS.
— Caitlin Benya
THANK YOU so much for two amazing astrology readings. I love your spiritual foundation, your astrological insight and the way you explain what you see. This is great and valuable work; thanks for sharing your gift. Much respect and love.
— Max Serota
I have always been interested in astrology and having a reading of some sort, but a bit hesitant out of fear I would learn something about the future that I may feel I would have to wait for or that would dictate my choices. It was totally nothing like that! Anna’s reading provided so much useful information about myself and confirmed the ways I went about or viewed things through life. It was very cool — I was following along and totally with her as she covered all angles of the chart. I really, really loved it!
— Coby Alcantar
Thank you so much Anna.  It was a wonderful and enlightening experience for me.  Looking forward to continue gaining insight from our session.
— Elizabeth Elkins