Astrology is a beautifully powerful tool for understanding your unique psychological makeup.  Your natal chart is essentially a blueprint of your innate capabilities, natural tendencies, and life potential.  Becoming more acquainted with this unique blueprint enables you to see your behavior patterns much more objectively, allowing for powerful shifts in awareness and perspective. By acknowledging and embracing your true nature rather than fighting it, you are immediately empowered to make choices that support, heal, and bring harmony to your life. 

Whether you are at a crossroads, feeling stuck, or simply want to know yourself better, a personal reading will help to illuminate your authentic self and inspire you to live to your fullest. 


1 Hour Sessions


Natal Chart Reading

The blueprint of your innate capabilities, natural tendencies, and life potential illuminated.

(If you are a new client, you can start with either this or the Birthday Reading, below).

Cost: $195*

Go Deeper Reading

Explore pressing issues, particular life arenas, and/or your upcoming transits and progressions in depth. 

(For repeat clients).

Cost: $120* within 3 months of last session, $195* thereafter


1 1/2 Hour Sessions


Birthday Reading

Understand the themes that will be up for you this year so that you can move forward with inspired confidence and ease. 

Includes a Natal Chart Reading and an exploration of the Solar Return chart for your upcoming year.

(If you are a new client, you can start with either this or the Natal Chart Reading, above).

Cost: $245*


Date, time, and place of birth are necessary information needed in advance of your first session in order for me to draw up your chart(s). 

Currently, I give all readings over Skype. Your personalized charts and an audio file of your session will be promptly emailed to you. (Recording disclaimer: While I make every effort to record your reading in its entirety, unforseen technical problems do arise from time to time. If you want to be absolutely certain you'll have a complete recording available to listen back to, please have a backup method available on your end -- smartphones work great, and there are also many versions of free call recording software available online). Also, if you prefer the phone or FaceTime to Skype, I'm happy to work that way as well but as of now cannot record those calls for you.

Please be advised that I have a 24-hour cancellation policy, and need to receive payment 48 hours in advance of your session in order to ensure booking. Payment accepted via Paypal or personal check.

All sessions are kept entirely confidential.

With any further questions or to schedule a session, please use the Contact page or email me directly at

*I will not turn anyone away due to lack of funds. Sliding-scale rates are available to those in need, on a case-by-case basis.